Sunday, April 7, 2013


Live the Conversation

By: Becky Goerend

In this post Mrs. Goerend writes about her class's behavioral issues. Her class was having trouble putting learning before socialization. She was looking for a way that the students would be held responsible for each other, therefore the "nagging teacher" could be eliminated. She explains that she will be experimenting with a new method and will report back.

My comment:

I am a college student at the University of South Alabama in elementary education. Thank you so much for this post! I can not wait to read about the results from your experiment. I have so many resources, blogs, and websites bookmarked to help me with my future in teaching, but advice like this will be most valuable in my first few years. I can remember how difficult it was to concentrate as a younger student when half of the class was socializing. Eventually the entire class was socializing during lecture and no one could concentrate. I am very excited to read your follow-up post! Thanks again!!

Turning it over to them - Success in the making!
By: Becky Goerend

This post reveals her first results! She decided to have the class create a rubric that would assess their behavior as a whole. She picks two students to score the class for the day, and they will discuss their thoughts with each other after each subject. Mrs. Goerend shares her rubric in her post.

My comment:

This sounds like a great way to get the students more involved in the classroom! I feel that the students who are being assessed will be more focused on the lesson and participating in class. This will definitely make them more aware of their actions. My only question would be about the students who are assessing the classroom. Is it possible they will be more focused on the classroom behavior than the lesson being taught?

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