Sunday, April 14, 2013

Blog Post #12

For this blog post I am going to create my own assignment that I feel would be helpful to future EDM 310 students. So far there have been so many helpful resources, projects, blog post assignments, and more. I wanted to choose something we have not covered that I felt like would be beneficial for future elementary teachers (like me), as well as future middle and high school teachers. I was extremely blessed this semester to work with a great group of classmates to help a teacher create lesson plans for an actual classroom incorporating project based learning. We soon realized we had no idea how to make a REAL lesson plan. None of us had ever made lesson plans that weren't for a pretend classroom. We had to consider every minute of class time available. Our biggest question was "where to start??" That is where padlet came to the rescue! Our unit was a weather unit, so we decided to ask the question "what is weather?" as our introduction. So where, and how would the students answer this question? Mr. Anthony Capps recommended PADLET! So for your blog post assignment I want you to:

1. Pretend you have a classroom in your field (elementary, middle, etc.). Pick a subject and topic for your lesson for the day. EX:(Science/Weather). I want you to incorporate Padlet in to your lesson somehow. For example: "My subject and topic is science/weather, we are going to use Padlet to answer our bell-ringer, "What is Weather?" at the beginning of class. Students will have 15 mins to complete".

2. Explain what Padlet is and how you can use it in your future classroom.

3. Create an account (it's free), and create a wall. Choose any topic you wish for your "pretend" classroom. Play around with the effects on your wall. How will your comments be displayed? Will you change your background? Will it be totally private, open, or require a password? You will need to let your students know how to access your Padlet. Embed your wall in to your blog.

4. I want you to find your own resource/website. Find something that will help you with ideas or lesson plans for the classroom. It can be a blog, an educational website,or a tool such as Padlet. Tell us about your resource and post your link on my Padlet wall titled: Lesson Plan Ideas!

My post: Padlet is an online pin-board used to collect different ideas on a certain topic. It works like an online sheet of paper where you can add any content (images/videos/text). I feel I could use this in my future classroom with bell-ringers at the beginning of class, or even use it as a class to-do list. I could even use it to share ideas with other teachers. The possibilities are endless! I chose to use EDM 310 as my classroom. We will use this wall to share educational resources and websites that could help us in the future. Here is my Padlet wall:

The website I chose to pin was Discovery Education. It provides wonderful ideas for hands-on lesson plans for all grade levels!

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  1. Hey Mary! I really enjoyed your blog post of making your own assignment. I think it is a great idea because you are right we have not learned how to really start off how we want to start our lesson off for the day. I will defiantly be going to this website and giving it a try. Keep up the good work.