Sunday, April 7, 2013

C4K Summary for March

Amber A's Blog

In Amber's post she wrote about blogging in the classroom and what you would gain from blogging with students outside of the school. Amber felt like she is able to talk to people she may not have ever come in to contact with otherwise. She also said that students can find out how each other feel about the same topic in other places. I told Amber that I follow teachers and student's blogs all around the world whom I have never met! I think it is very exciting. I asked her what has she learned from blogging with other students outside of the classroom.

Sloan's Blog
Steelers (Excerpt)

In Sloan's post she wrote about the Pittsburgh Steelers. Sloan is very passionate about her team, and it was evident that she did her research! I told her it is wonderful that she is so passionate about something. Her post was very enjoyable, and I learned a good bit about the Steelers. I had no idea their original name was the Pirates. She did such a great job. Her post was well organized and full of facts. I even shared an experience I had with the Steelers when I met their head coach.

Anna's Blog
Religion Bible poster Mark 9:35

In Anna's post she was to choose a Bible verse and had to create a poster to go along with it. Anna chose Mark 9:35. She shared how the verse pertained to her, and I was impressed. She explained that she wanted to serve God by becoming a missionary, and that the verse may not meant the same to everyone else. She said that her poster shows what she sees when she reads the verse. I told her that I enjoyed her interpretation, and that a mission trip is a great example of this. I told her that the poster was very creative. It was an amazing post!

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