Sunday, January 27, 2013

Blog Post #2

Did You Know

Dr. Strange's video Did You Know? 3.0 - A John Strange 2012 Version was quite an eye opening experience. I never believed that the United States was number one education and technology advancements, although I had no idea we were so far behind. It is hard to imagine that India has more honors students than the United States has students. These students in India will be much more prepared for unknown future jobs that may require technology that has not even been established today. The original video Did you know 3.0 by Karl Fisch and Scott McLeod paints a bigger picture of the advancements in technology that we have already experienced and will experience in the near future. There was a time before people were preoccupied with Facebook and text messaging, and I am interested to see what is in store for the future.

In the video Dr. Strange asked a few questions about our roles as future educators and if we were ready to be an educator. My answer is yes I am ready. I feel that my role as an early educator would be to introduce different types of updated technology to my students at a young age. If younger students are comfortable using new technologies then hopefully they will utilize these skills in future schooling as well as life itself.

Mr. Winkle Wakes

Mr. Winkle Wakes is a video that portrays the continuous improvement of modern technology in our everyday lives except in schools. Mr. Winkle wakes after a 100 year nap, and finds the world very unsettling. School was the only place he visited that had not changed drastically or much at all. When actually put into perspective it was sad to see the lack of change in our schools.

I understand that a lecture with pen and paper is comforting to some people, but what if we changed what was comfortable. How much would it take to train our brains to take notes from a computer? I feel that utilizing a computer especially in high school would save a great amount of time that could be used for studying, other activities, or even homework. Major changes take time, but even something like online books for the classroom would save money room in those book bags.

Sir Ken Robinson: The Importance of Creativity

Sir Ken Robinson speaks in his video The Importance of Creativity about how creativity in schools is becoming nonexistent. He made a statement about how dance could be just as important as any other subject, yet we don't teach it everyday like math or science. Students aren't encouraged to have a career as a dancer because schools do not think it is a valuable subject. As an educator we should never limit a student's ambitions and dreams. The world has changed and professions such as a dancer do exist. Student's are scared to show their creativity and show an interest in these different professions or hobbies in fear of being wrong.

I watched Sir Ken Robinson's video in a previous class last semester also. I enjoy his views on encouraging students to express themselves, and creating a different learning environment than the normal. I also watched his video Bring On The Learning Revolution and in this video he says that people think they can not do anything any other way because that is the way it has always been done. I felt that this statement was very true, and that it goes along with my opinion on people being "comfortable". If schools would be willing to stray away from what might seem comfortable then students might be more willing to show their creativity.


Four Ways to Use Pinterest in Education

In my future classroom I will definitely use some of the ideas for lesson plans from Pinterest. I have already used some ideas to help with lesson plans that I needed for my college classes. I would also like to use the sharing tool to help other teachers if I find useful items. I will also share projects and ideas that I have personally used in my classroom.

The 20 Best Pinterest Boards About Education Technology

I love using Pinterest. I had an account prior to this assignment and I have already been following multiple education boards. After browsing through some of the boards I really enjoyed the board by Charity Preston it has pins involving technology in elementary education. I found this very useful because I plan to teach kindergarten or first grade if possible. Charity Preston's board had many helpful tips, games and websites for technology in elementary classrooms.

Pinterest will be extremely helpful in my future classroom by providing new ideas for activities, classroom decorations, and using technology. It also provides a way for me to stay informed on new trends and ideas in the education world. I have already began to pin to my own education boards for future ideas.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Blog Post #1

About Me

My name is Mary Cortopassi and I am a full time student here at the University of South Alabama. I am from Mobile, and I have lived here my entire life. The University of South Alabama was the best choice for me to remain close to my friends and family. I recently got married in July to my wonderful husband and I have since changed my name to Mary Lambert. To avoid complications I have decided to wait until the Fall 2013 semester to change my name at the university. We got married before he had to leave for deployment to Afghanistan, but we have an amazing relationship and are able to talk twice a day on Skype. While my husband is overseas in the Army I try to remain busy with school, work, and my amazing dog whose name is Foster. I have a great passion for running. I am happy running in hot weather, cold weather, long distances, or even short distances with my dog. Running is such a tremendous stress reliever for me, and a great way to stay healthy.

I am an elementary education major although that has not always been my chosen career path. My first three semesters I was a Geology major and I absolutely loved it. I was not extremely fond of the math classes that accompanied Geology, and I decided to follow my childhood dream to become a teacher. I changed my major this Fall and my experience in the Education department has been amazing. I loved my teachers in elementary school and they had such an influence in my future. I hope to influence my students in a positive way, and keep them excited about learning.

My Future Classroom

In my future classroom I hope to incorporate art and hands-on learning. I hope to teach kindergarten or first grade because I believe those were my most influential years of school. If students have a lack of interest for learning at a young age it will be very difficult to get them excited and intrigued at an older age. I want my students to value school, but to also learn life skills from our lessons.

I feel that students will actually learn if they are able to relate the subject matter to something they enjoy or some kind of activity. If students enjoy learning they will want to continue to learn and retain knowledge and skill versus memorizing and passing. When I was in high school I had very few teachers that actually taught me skills to use for college and life itself. I hope to be that influential in my elementary students.

I would like to use the smart board as a learning tool in my classroom. Students are able to play games to help them understand a subject and I am able to be more hands on with the lesson. It would also allow us to connect to another classroom somewhere around the world which would be a great cultural experience for everyone in the classroom.

I want my classroom to be decorated with my students work and also let that be a constant reminder of what they learned. I remember my chemistry class in high school we made a model of an atom from styrofoam and they were hanging in the classroom. I saw that project every day, and I could tell you all about my hydrogen atom even now almost seven years later. I want my students to actually learn and I feel reminding them of their hard work is a great way to do that.

Randy Pausch on Time Management

I have never heard of Randy Pausch until now. I felt that his video was very helpful. There were a few things that really stuck with me. I liked his analysis of eating the frogs, and how you should start with the big one. Sometimes I put stuff to the side and tell my self "I will get to it later" because it may seem scary at first. The only thing procrastination leads to for me is a world of stress.

I actually use a planner for school, and I have started recently to incorporate my everyday activities into my planner as well. After watching his video I will be sure to prioritize my plans more efficiently. It is also comforting to hear that I am learning from my bad judgement. My planner will be more organized and more meaningful now.