Wednesday, March 6, 2013

C4T #2

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Embed Visuals into Teaching and Learning- Part 2
By: Sylvia Tolisano

In Sylvia Tolisano's post she talks about ways for students to "read and write" in this media world we have created. She talks about a website called Wonderopolis. Wonderopolis is an amazing tool for teachers to use in the classroom. Students will have an image on Wonderopolis and will either have to research further on the topic or answer a question on the topic. Teachers can even submit their own "wonder" to the website for their students. She also shares another site called Visual Writing Prompts.These resources are amazing for future educators. They are wonderful to introduce writing online as well as to add a new twist to a writing prompt.

I commented on Ms. Tolisano's post by first thanking her for the amazing resources. I told her that I have shared these resources with a few of my classmates, and that I am book marking them for my future classroom. I will also be utilizing them in an ongoing project I am participating in. I am very excited to continue following her blog.

Anatomy, Grammar, Syntax & Taxonomy of a Hyperlink
By: Sylvia Tolisano

makeup of a hyperlink

 In this post Ms. Talisano talks about how difficult the transition can be for a teacher going from pen and paper to this new online world. She explains how difficult learning hyperlinks can be. In this post she breaks this process down. It was extremely helpful for me!

In my response I again thanked Ms. Talisano for sharing such amazing resources and information. I downloaded the chart that she provided to explain the hyperlinks, and plan to keep it for future reference. I am so excited for these new changes in technology as a future educator. Although even as a student they can seem to be difficult at times. It is wonderful to have someone take the time to explain these things that seem so foreign to us right now.

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