Sunday, March 10, 2013

Blog Post #8

Richard Miller: This is How We Dream

In Dr. Miller's videos he talks about the change in writing and communication that has happened through the use of technology. This blog post is an example of how different writing is now versus 20 years ago when an assignment would have been submitted on pen and paper. In his video he explains how his dream for his career revolved around books. He eventually wrote his own academic book, and it is now out of print. Since writing that book his way of doing research has changed drastically.

computer in space

Dr. Miller's work tools changed from books, pen, and paper to just his laptop. This change has happened for almost everyone. Researching and writing can be done from almost anywhere. I can use my tablet, laptop and even phone. Virtual books are becoming more common also, and can be taken everywhere with you. They do not have to stay in a classroom or library. I think these changes are absolutely amazing. In the past I would have to drive to different libraries for different books, or information. Now I am able to access libraries online that provide research, journals, and online books. There are also so many different websites and tools to use straight from my desktop as Dr. Miller says.

In the second part of his video he talks about how this digital environment provides a whole audio and visual experience versus just obtaining the information. Dr. Miller believes that as educators "we are in the business of sharing ideas freely." As a future educator I have found many online lectures and resources all over the web to help my career. He feels that there will be a time when students do not even use word processor as a writing tool. I am excited for these changes. I remember hand writing papers and submitting them in class. That will almost be non-existent soon.

Carly Pugh: Blog Post #12

Carly pugh's class blog

Wow. What an inspiring blog post. It was obvious that Carly really wants to be the best educator she can be. This post did not seem like it was a chore, but much more of an amazing experience for her. I learned so much from reading this post. It provides videos and writing prompts that I could utilize in my future classroom. Making a "playlist" is and amazing idea! My educational videos would organized all in one spot. This assignment combines personality, creativity, and technology. I think this is a definite example of Dr. Miller's ideas of writing with multi-media.

EDM 310 is Different

The Chipper Series

This video shows the importance of school and EDM 310. Success in school in school is imperative for success in your career. Chipper does not take school seriously, and as a result she does not take life seriously. Missing deadlines may seem like no big deal now, but it may cause you to be terminated from your job in the future. Work hard, follow directions, make deadlines, and give it your all and you will succeed in college. Through working hard in school you learn life lessons to help you in you r future career. I think this is a great idea for a video. I think it would be helpful for all students, even those in high school considering college.

EDM 310 for Dummies

lady stressed outThis video should be required at the begining of the semester! At first EDM 310 was completely overwhelming. In this video we see two students make the same struggle that all of us have at some point this semester. This class has definitely made me stressed at one point, but it was well worth it in the end. I have already learned so much that will help me now as a student, and in the future as a teacher. These students show that they were struggling, and they freaked out. The two students received help through EDM 310 for dummies. It made the class much more enjoyable and they were actually able to utilize the tools they were learning for other classes. The message in this video is to get help if you need it. In life we should never be afraid to ask for help. I would rather ask and know that I am doing something the correct way versus always doing something the wrong way.

Learn to Change, Change to Learn

This video shows the lack of technology that is being utilized in today's classrooms. The video states: "The US Department of Commerce ranked fifty-five industry sectors by their level of IT intensiveness. Education was ranked number 55, the lowest, below coal mining." Students use social networking and other tools to communicate and learn, but yet that is taken away from them in the classroom. One woman in the video says that, "we have a classroom system when we could have a community system." I agree with this statement. Students of all ages are learning on their own everyday. If only they were given a little guidance and structure with these media tools, then at school we could learn so much more than just the information. It would allow so much more time for students to learn tools to help them in life as a whole, and not just the "standard" at hand.

Scavenger Hunt 2.0

1) I chose Classroom 2.0 as my social media site for educators. I chose this site because I already have an account for Edmodo and I wanted to explore a new site. This site is for those who are interested in Web 2.0 and social media. It allows you to search any topic, interact with other teachers around the world, and find even more resources. This free website is a great way for teachers to be introduced to the digital world.

3) I created my own comic using MAKE BELIEFS COMIX.

5) I created a poll using SurveyMonkey. My poll is titled EDM 310. Click here for my poll.

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