Wednesday, February 27, 2013

C4K Summary for February

My first C4K was Maria, a student from Mexico that is learning English. She had to write her own ending for the book The Giver. In my comment I told Maria how much I enjoyed her ending of The Giver, and that she has a wonderful imagination. Her ending was very detailed, and she even gave her new characters a name. I told her that I read the giver in the 8th grade and that I always imagined the main characters arrived at a new safe home. I asked Maria if she enjoyed writing her own ending of The Giver. To view Maria's blog click here.

My second C4K this month was JaTerio, a 4th grader with a passion for gardening! JaTerio had to describe his "fascinating" book that he read in this post. The book was about 4th graders planting a garden. I told JaTerio that he has wonderful writing skills, and to keep up the good work. He included the main points of the story but also what he learned from the book, which I felt was really important. I also told JaTerio that I was impressed that he was a gardener himself! To see JaTerio's blog click here.

My third C4K this month was Sohel, a year 5 student at Pt England School in Auckland, NZ. In this post Sohel created an "About Me" presentation. It was similar to the Google presentation I did in a previous post, although Sohel's was much more exciting and colorful. I told Sohel that it was obvious that he worked really hard on his presentation! I also complemented him on how each slide transition was different. To see Sohel's blog click here.

My last C4K for this month was Cooper. Cooper shared a post about his plans for his spring break. He said he was going to the Clearwater Aquarium to see Winter and Panama. I was unfamiliar with Winter and Panama so I did a little research to allow me to comment appropriately on Cooper's blog. I found out that Winter is a dolphin with a prosthetic tale, and Panama is a dolphin who paints! I expressed my excitement for Cooper's trip. I also asked him if he knew that this aquarium was a marine animal hospital that helped animals like Winter when they were hurt. To see Cooper's blog click here.

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